Over at Windows Vista News, Nick White, has resigned his position as part of the Vista Team Blog. During this past year Nick has provided superb information on what is happening with Vista, or should I say what was not happening with Vista. At times Nick took the lead in defending or apologizing for the direction that Vista was heading, and most likely had little say in the matter. His job was to report the facts whether they be bad or good.

So when Nick decided to leave Redmond and take another position, the anti-Microsoft crowd stepped in to let us know that the sky is falling. Since Nick quit, there was no way Microsoft could compete with Google. Some of the articles I read were 100% bull. Others pointed out the resignations of other Microsoft employees as further proof Microsoft was having problems.

I guess what irritates me about this type of thinking is that every tech. company has folks coming and going all of the time. Google has lost some 300 employees in the past 5 years who have become millionaires, took the money and either retired or open up their own companies. Even Dell is trimming its staff by some 8,000 plus employees to cut costs. No where is it stated that the sky is falling for either of these two companies.

We need to keep things in perspective. No longer are we a society in which loyalty to any one company is the accepted norm. Each generation of workers has their own style. Today it is accepted that changing companies is good for the person who is making the change. Therefore Nick’s leaving Microsoft for another company hopefully will be good for him and his career.

Good luck Nick and thanks for all of the help you have provided during this Vista transition. You have been an asset to the blogging community and will be missed.

Comments welcome.

Nicks farewell message is here.

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