Over the past few weeks the default posting area for WordPress has had its moments when the default screen has not been coming up correctly. In speaking with two of my fellow Gnomies, the oracle aka Marc and dabrace1984 aka Doug, I have decided to try Windows Live Writer in addition to Firescribe and the default WP posting software [when it is working].

I have been using Firescribe for over a week, maybe 10 days or so, and for the most part it works well. Firescribe is a plugin writer for the Firefox browser. It contains many of the standard options including a quote block for quoted text. But there is one minor issue. Sometimes the blocking doesn’t work correctly and when published I have noticed my text incorrectly spaced.

So today I downloaded Windows Live Writer and also found a plugin for the Firefox browser called Blog This. Basically it is a Blog This button on the toolbar that opens up Live Writer. I posted my first article using Live Writer and again experienced problems with the block quote. One paragraph worked fine but the next did not. After I published the article I was able to open the article in the default WP section and corrected the post.

So this week and next I will be playing with all three blog tools and see which works the best. I am also hopeful that WP has corrected the default posting tool since this morning it appears to be working. 🙂

Comments welcome.