Times are changing folks, that’s for certain. No longer is a parent allowed to spank their own child for doing something bad. Instead, we send him or her to “timeout” to think about what they did and how they have wronged.

Let me tell you, this system is not working (in my humble but educated opinion) – kids do not respond to time out’s or a talking to. I’ll tell you what kids do understand… pain & discomfort! And you don’t even have to administer a lot of it, just enough on their backside to send them a clear message that there are in fact consequences for doing something wrong. At least, wrong enough to warrant a spanking.

I was spanked when I was a kid, and holy hell… let me tell you folks, I deserved every one of them. In fact, I’m not sure how my father held back as much as he did sometimes. But when I messed up, I got a scolding, when I messed up after a scolding I got spanked and when I messed up really, really good, then I got the special treatment… a wooden spoon! And if the first spanking didn’t send the message home, my God that spoon worked wonders on me.

And there were always six words that could get me to start shaking at the knees and clean up my act immediately… “wait til your father gets home!”

The reason I bring this up is because back when I went to school, spankings were not only allowed but encouraged by my teachers. No, the teachers couldn’t hit us, but they had no problem making a special phone call home if needs be. And if there was a kid beating on or threatening to harm another… the teachers would put that call in and usually, that ended the situation.

But nowadays, with spanking labeled as child abuse, kids can pretty much get away with anything and know that their parents have virtually no course action that they can take. Which if I was asked, leads to tragedies like Columbine. I bet those kids were never spanked once. Which, in my opinion yet again, is bad parenting and a much greater form of child abuse.

Because my father spanked me, it held true later in life. Not that I could get hit because of doing something wrong, but that I would have to face a consequence. And when ever I found myself thinking through a bad situation, I would recall my father coming down on me. And that would lead to me taking a different path. Yes, I believe my father’s discipline kept me out of jail if not kept me alive.

So do your kid a favor the next time they act up… spank that little tyke but good! And while your at it, give’em one for me too.