The folks over at Sunbelt Software have announced a new licensing scheme designed with the home consumer in mind. They have expanded their licensing to ‘unlimited’ coverage for all PC’s in a single household. This new licensing will apply to all of their consumer products and cover all PC’s located in a single household. At Sunbelt Software they state:

“Typical ‘household’ licenses offered for security software products limit the number of PCs protected to anywhere from three to five per household,” said Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt Software. “With our unlimited home site license, customers pay one low annual subscription price for the product of their choice for all the PCs in their home. We don’t care if it’s five, ten, or 200 computers. One price covers all the computers located in that residence.”

Sunbelt surveyed approximately 1,000 computer users earlier this year, and found that 34% of users surveyed had more than three computers in their household. (21% responded with three computers, 28% responded with two computers and 17% responded with one computer. Respondents were obtained from Sunbelt’s database, and were predominantly “somewhat experienced,” “advanced,” and “expert” users. The survey, along with the methodology, is available upon request from Sunbelt.)

Sunbelt Software should be commended for their approach for those consumers who do have more than 3 computers in their household. I believe that in the future this type of licensing should become the standard for all software companies to apply to their licensing agreements.

As more people expand the number of household computers in their homes, this should prove a good value for those of us who already have or who in the future have more than 3 computers in their homes.

Hopefully other software companies will follow Sunbelts lead. Good job Sunbelt!

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Full article is here.

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