It’s a welcome thought for all users of TiVo, as the software now in place, although rock solid, could use some refinements. It seems that customer dissatisfaction with a couple of points of service has not escaped the powers that be, and a new software update, revision 9.3, will address the lack of speed when setting up or modifying a Season Pass.

www.sethb.com_TiVo_dvr-tivo-screen with the updates, you’ll be seeing less of this, if only a few seconds less

Reported by Betanews is that the TiVo software version 9.3 will significantly speed up nearly all of the common tasks that customers do with a TiVo. No longer will the DVR pause for nearly a minute while it reorders Season Pass priorities or stall for half a minute when a Season Pass is created. Users will see between 10 and 30 second speed improvements in these areas

www.pvrblog.com_pvr_hdtivo the Series 2 TiVo, not as pretty as Series 3, but a workhorse that many cling to

All changes to programming are said to feel snappier, with a two to 6 second speed change for all choices. As someone who owns two DirecTiVos, I am certainly hoping that the changes will be made available to us, but I won’t be holding my breath, as the past two change cycles reported to be passed on by DirecTV were not, and the ‘droids of Customer Service seem to have their heads in the sand, as they seem unable to state anything, save that which is on a script in front of them. will DirecTiVo users get the update? Maybe, as it has nothing to do with DRM or other content management

These changes will find their way only to Series 2 TiVo units, which the DirecTiVos are, but as usual, the best thing for standalone Series One users is the upgrade cycle. For standalone Series 2 users, the update is currently available on the TiVo website, if you’re feeling anxious – otherwise the update is scheduled for the next few weeks, and as all others will certainly be staggered.

So again TiVo gives its customers what they want, a sure way to engender loyalty, and something to look forward to in an otherwise bleak year.

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