I have been playing with Firefox 3 Beta 5 for the past few days and can only conclude that the newest Firefox just keeps getting better and better. With this recent release, the folks at Mozilla seem to have a real handle on the memory issues. Which is good news since to many people were dumping Firefox because of this problem. Also is speed. This latest release is the fastest yet. I don’t have any test results to offer just my perception, but this puppy is quick.

There is only one minor issue. Some of the extensions I use are not compatible with this new version. Because of this, I can’t use FF3 Beta5 for now. Hopefully when the final comes out in June  the extensions I use will be working.

But for those of you who have experienced memory problems with version 2, give version 3 a try and see if it works better for you.

Let us know what you think.

Comments welcome.

Free download is here.

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