Bookmarks have changed quite a bit through the years. No, I’m not talking about those things that you stick in books, but instead, I’m talking about Web site bookmarks that you use in your Web browser. They used to be very basic, and you couldn’t really do very much with them. These days you can access them through the Internet no matter where you are, share them with friends, and so on. Since it’s mentally impossible to remember all of the Web sites that you like, it’s important to use bookmarks to some extent, and NetRocket will enhance how you use your bookmarks.

Like other online bookmarking services, NetRocket uses a browser toolbar button to connect you with the service, and you can easily add, tag, and share all of your bookmarks. A lot of the other functionality is similar to what you’ve seen in other services as well, but one of the specific things that I like about NetRocket is that you can schedule reminders to visit certain sites at certain times. Personally, I stay very busy while I’m working, and being able to have NetRocket notify me when I should be looking at a Web site is pretty cool. Not everyone will find this to be useful, but if you need something like this, then here’s your answer.