This is going to be a rant, so if you are expecting something from me about how I love grammar, forget it! For me English grammar has been, is and will forever be a pain in my rump. I have been criticized by many for my lack of proper grammatical usage [ is there such a term as ‘grammatical usage’?] if not, I don’t care. I have struggled with grammar since grammar school. Is that the reason they called it grammar school? Were we there just to learn grammar?

So in surfing the Internet and I ran into a site dedicated to grammar. What the heck, I’ll see what they have to say. This is where I discover why English grammar is such a pain. There is no semblance of structure or order! There is my problem with grammar. I am a black and white person, no gray allowed. Grammar depends on a set of rules that someone, somewhere made up and the rest of us are stuck in using.

Like this one:


Unlike most possessives, “its” does not contain an apostrophe. It is just one of the many cases where the English language is unnecessarily complex. The trouble with English is not that it has too many rules – it’s that there are too many exceptions to the rules. But “its/it’s” is a case wherein it’s good to remember that an apostrophe often replaces a letter. If the word is “it’s,” ask yourself, “What letter has been removed?” The answer clearly is “i.” The letter i from “it is” has been replaced by the apostrophe.

So, to clarify:
Its = belonging to it. “The frying pan has a dent in its handle.”
It’s = it is. “It’s not my fault the frying pan is dented!”

There is the problem. I don’t care if the pan has a dented handle. I just want to know who dented it! 🙂

Rant Off.

Comments welcome.

More grammar help is here.

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