Anyone who has a Web site or blog will tell you that they’re constantly trying to get more traffic. In the online world, traffic is the digital equivalent of money and power, so it only makes sense that Web residents would be fighting for this valuable traffic. One of the best ways to attract people to what you put out there is to deliver quality content, but even that isn’t enough anymore. There are plenty of legitimate ways to try and build traffic and awareness about what you’re doing, but taking part in link exchanges is something that reminds people about what the Internet was like ten years ago. Like it or not, Spottt is trying to update link exchanges and make them relevant again.

The cutesy nature of the site and the old-fashioned idea behind the service would have prevented me from taking a look at Spottt, but when I saw that it was from the fine folks at AdBrite, I knew it was worth checking out. All you have to do is upload your ad image and embed a small piece of HTML code from Spottt in order to get your site to display the ads from the Spottt community. The amount of advertising that you receive relates to the amount of advertising that you give, and the included statistics will help you to keep up with all of this. Man, link exchanges make me feel old.