Myself, I am not a gamer who uses a console a lot. In fact, I’m not really a gamer. My life is centered around the internet, computers and technology. But, on the occasion, I do “game”. And when I do, I ask myself the same question. Do games consoles really differ from each other.

I mean: So maybe the PS2 could play DVDs and some consoles may play Blu-Ray and some have different disks and cartridges to others and some have internet features. But I believe, there really is only one company that seems to be breaking the mould. That company is Nintendo.

Nintendo have, in recent years, been releasing new gaming technology, new ways that we use technology and new ways that we view technology. For instance, the Nintendo DS was a massive hit, incorporating touch-screen technology as well as two separate screens to view and get more information as well as being able to feel like you are interacting with the game a little bit more.

Following this was the amazing Nintendo Wii. Across the globe nobody could get their hands on it as stocks plummeted. Nintendo could hardly catch up. The idea of being able to just about literally be in the game was too much. There are also many advantages to the Nintendo Wii, such as encouraging kids (and adults alike) to get moving and become stronger while loosing weight and having fun. It also varies from, like I have said previously, other technology.

OK, so maybe Sony created the Eye-Toy, but that wasn’t as popular and energetic as the Nintendo Wii in my opinion.

So what do you think? Are Nintendo making better gaming consoles? Are they doing something different? Are you bored with consoles providing near enough the same way of gaming? (with a few exceptions. Whatever, you think, leave a comment.