Claiming to be the car company of the 21st century, little know Think in Norway has the backing of one US company. Seems like GE is investing funds into the development of the Think car and also into A123Systems for batteries for the new car. On their web site Think states the following:

Think today and tomorrow

TH!NK city is a fully environmental vehicle, emission free and 95 percent recyclable. It reaches a top speed of 100 km per hour and can drive up to 180 km on one single charge. TH!NK city meets all European and US safety requirements. Production started last autumn, and the first batch of cars will be delivered to Norwegian customers this spring.

The platform concept TH!NK Ox is the electric vehicle of the future. The crossover version TH!NK Ox will be the first five seater electric car, and has similar design and environmental solutions to TH!NK city. The concept car features TH!NK connectivity; a platform of interactive applications for battery monitoring, drive- and energy optimizing, support and entertainment.

Collaboration with GE

In an effort to enable global electrification of transportation GE has announced it has invested in Think and lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123Systems. To power its vehicles, Think has signed a commercial supply agreement with A123. In order to help A123 roll out batteries for Think, GE Energy Financial Services has invested in the company. A123 is now drawing on the research and technology development expertise of GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York. The joint research will support A123’s battery development, including batteries for Think’s vehicles. GE Energy Financial Services and GE Global Research are backing electrification developments in the transportation sector as part of GE’s ecomagination initiative, the company’s commitment to help its customers meet their environmental challenges while expanding its own portfolio of cleaner energy products.

Think CEO Jan-Olaf Willums commented: “We see many important opportunities emerging from our new relationship with GE. This relationship will help Think – the manufacturer of the first highway-approved electric car in mass production – to stay at the forefront of electric vehicle technology.”

“Our work with A123 and Think taps GE’s unique combination of venture capital, engineering, process and commercial expertise to help burgeoning, next generation technology companies bring their innovative products to market,” said Kevin Walsh, Managing Director and leader of renewable energy investing at GE Energy Financial Services.

What is extremely interesting about GE getting into the automobile business, is that they could actually become a major player in the electric car field. Between their investment in Think and also A123 they could end up out gunning Detroit in the race for non gasoline powered vehicles.

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Think link is here.

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