You may have a lot of friends in your so-called real life, but I think it’s safe to say that you probably have even more “friends” online. On the Internet, becoming friends with someone is as easy as clicking a button, and instead of complaining about the inordinate amount of time that it can take to develop friendships with people, many are saying that it’s just too much work to accept all of their individual friend requests online. Frankly, we have so many friends that we don’t even know how to keep up with them all, but FriendFeed will help us out.

There’s been a lot of buzz about FriendFeed lately, and if you haven’t heard about the service yet, then you’re going to start hearing about it in a big way. The problem related to keeping up with all of the content that is published by our contacts online is established, and what’s exciting about FriendFeed is that it keeps you in the loop about what your friends are sharing, and you can even have discussions around this content. Everything comes to you, and in turn, all of your stuff is shared with your friends. Suddenly having friends online became easy again.