I’ve been using Gmail and access my mail account using Outlook Express. During the past few years that I have been using this procedure, everything has worked very well. But since around the first of the year [this is a guess as to the exact time], my mail delivery seems to hang.

Mail starts to come into my inbox, than will stop. I get the pop-up box whether I want to wait or cancel the operation. Cancel is a no-no since when the operation starts up again, the same emails and downloaded a second or third time. I usually click on the wait button. Sometimes this will take 2 or 3 times before all the mail arrives.

But what I have noticed during the past few weeks is that this now may take 5 or 6 times clicking on the wait button before all email arrives.

So my questions is this. Is anyone else having this problem? More importantly has anyone found a solution?

Commenst welcome.

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