We appear to be entering into an era in which the lines between small, medium and standard laptops may start to blur. Yesterday I was looking at a specific HP model #2133 that was supposed to be a mini-notebook. Yet this mini looked more like a standard laptop. In the review it states:

The HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (starting at $599 for Windows Vista Basic, $499 for SuSE Linux, and $749 as configured) is a bit more expensive and weighs more than the competition, but the system’s unique strengths make it a good investment for students, mobile professionals, and anyone else looking for an affordable, highly portable computer.

Large for a Mini

Like other mini-notebooks, the 2133 Mini-Note is aimed at the education market, though you wouldn’t know it from the design. Measuring 10.0 x 6.5 x 1.1 inches and weighing just under 4 pounds, the Mini-Note is a tad bulkier than the ASUS, CTL, and Everex models. A brushed silver aluminum case over a magnesium-alloy chassis gives the system a durable foundation, which is augmented by a hard drive accelerometer and a spill-resistant, wear-resistant keyboard. Even the display features a glossy no-scratch coating.

What is strange is that this HP model can be purchased with Vista Business installed. Yet in the spec’s this laptop comes with a “1.6-GHz VIA C7-M processor” Which IMHO may be kind of weak to run Vista.

I think of low cost mini-laptops more in tune with the Asus Eee PC. Using a lighter weight OS like Linux or even Windows XP. A mini in the 2lb weight class.

What do you think should be classified as a low cost, light weight mini-laptop?

Fill review is here.

Comments welcome.

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