The sky is falling once again and this time it is falling on top of Microsoft. Or so say the doom and gloomers over at Gartner. It seems in their assessment Windows has become to clunky and bloated and neither consumers nor businesses are falling all over themselves to upgrade. If anything, everyone wants cheaper and more efficient products to power their computers. Also cited is the wave on online applications that have popped up similar to what Google is offering in their Google applications which run online.

According to the article is states:

Microsoft Windows, the operating system which has dominated desktop computing for decades, is in danger of collapsing, according to analysts at Gartner.

Microsoft’s flagship product, which runs the vast majority of the world’s PCs, has become so bulky and ill-equipped for the challenges of modern computing that it risks becoming obsolete, a pair of senior analysts at Gartner have said.

Threats from new web-based models of software delivery, a shift towards low-cost computing, and a reluctance on the part of companies to upgrade their machines to new operating systems for potentially limited benefits, have all contributed to the possiblity that Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop may crumble, they said.

The increasing complexity of Windows has meant that the release times for new versions have become unpredictable, Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald, two VPs at Gartner, said. Windows Vista, the latest version, has 50 million lines of code, more than double the number of the 1996 version of the software.

I’m not taking what Gartner is saying could not come true. But facts are facts. MS holds a commanding lead when it comes to computers that are controlled by Windows. But then again, changes do appear to be afoot and the need for an OS could be coming to an end.

What do you think? Could his really happen?

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Full article is here.

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