Over at Scot’s Newsletter Forum a new member asks a question he is struggling with, the Vista vs XP argument and software issues. I stopped by to see some of the answers and wasn’t very surprised that the vote was for Windows XP Pro. In the post member b2220128 asked:

I am preparing to build a new computer using a Intel P35 processor, a ASUS mother board and gobs of memory if needed. But the question of the OS is still a difficult one for me. I see my choices as some flavor of XP, 32 bit Vista and 64 bit Vista, probably Ultimate Edition. I read Scott’s newsletter/ blog out of interest, but not being in the business much of it doesn’t stick.

I am mostly a home user running typical home programs, video and occasionally big spread sheets from work. I want a machine that will not get dated too quickly which leads me towards Vista but I also have read so much bad about Vista that the familiarity oand stability of XP is a real attraction. I also haven’t a clue about compatibility of my older programs with 64bit Vista. I still use Office 2000 for instance. I know Outlook 2000 won’t install on any version of Vista, but will Word and Excel run on 64 bit Vista. As you can see I am just clued in enough to know there might be a problem.

Can any of you experienced pros give me a some advice?

I was one of the forum members who agreed with going with Windows XP Pro. But why would I agree? Why wouldn’t I recommend Vista? One reason is that it appears that the poster still uses Outlook 2000 which wouldn’t work with Vista. This leads one to believe that he may also have other older software that also may work. So unless money is no object, some software upgrades would be required with Vista as well.

But there is another reason. I personally believe that Windows 7 is going to be an OS that unscrews some of the problems with Vista. I don’t care what MS says, Vista is by no means the OS of my dreams. Maybe my nightmares! OK. It isn’t quite that bad. 🙂 But I am not a HUGE fan of the newest OS which I consider is just OK. I’ll be keeping XP until Windows 7 is released.

I am serious about sticking with XP? You bet. Last week I sold [2] two copies of Vista Ultimate I had which I originally purchased as upgrades to the cheaper Vista versions, if and when I bought new computer systems. But I have resigned myself to the fact that if I buy a new laptop with Vista, I’ll do a down grade.  Even the last desktop I build in October 2007, I installed Windows XP Pro w/SP2.

Just my 2 cents.

Comments welcome.

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