In the real world, it’s customary and appropriate to tip people for certain things to show your appreciation for their work. These people appreciate the tips, and we’re happy to give them, especially when they do a great job. The amount of each tip can be large or small depending on the circumstances, but no matter what the amount may be, a tip is a tip. While we may not think twice about tipping people when we’re at some place like a restaurant, we hardly ever think about tipping people for the work that they do online. A big reason for this is because it’s not always easy to give someone a tip online, but hopes to change that.

The next time that you enjoy a particular online service, blog post, video, or piece of software, why not contribute a tip through You can leave a tip for a company or individual whether they’re using or not, and if they’re not using it then they can claim the tips later. PayPal is used to receive and distribute the money, and a small charge is used to cover the transaction fees. Right now one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is trusting a service like this, but if you’d like to send or receive tips for online content, then here’s a solution to look into if you’ve already decided not to use PayPal itself.