To each of us loss means something different. To some loss is most thought of in connection with material things, the loss of a home or wealth. To others loss is closer to home and deals with the brokenness one feels when they lose someone they love.

For my niece the loss of her soul mate and true love after 20 years and 4 sons was devastating. She knew that he wouldn’t have left if God hadn’t deemed it his time but still there was a certain amount of anger that he had left her behind. Yet, she knew that she still had work to do on this earth and managed to pick herself up and move on. I give her enormous credit that she was able to put her grief aside and focus on all the good that she could do on this earth until it was her time to be reunited with her one true love.

For my ex-mother-in-law the loss of her husband of 50 years was equally devastating but she has been unable to get past it and daily lives her life missing him and wanting to die. What a waste of a life that could be so helpful to others.

For me? To date God has been good to me and my soul mate and children are still with me. That is not to say that I have not lost people that I cared about but never have I had to deal with the loss of someone that I had lived with day to day and loved beyond measure.

What surprised me then was how hard I took the loss of our pet, Frankie. True we never viewed him as just a dog. We got him when he was 2 weeks old, the runt of the litter and abandoned by his mother. He was only 8 oz and no one expected this feisty little guy to survive. However, we took him home, bottle fed him and loved him and he was the best friend any of us could have ever had for nearly fifteen years.

The brokenness that all of us felt was unbelievable when we knew that we could no longer let him suffer when he couldn’t stand on his own to go to the bathroom and his big brown eyes begged us to help him. I never knew such heartbreak as when we stood there saying good bye to him as the vet administered the medicine that would end his life. It was so hard to be there but there was no way we would let him leave this earth without being surrounded by those who loved him.

It has been nearly a week and thinking of him still brings on the streams of tears but now we can remember the joy he brought to our lives as well. We will get through this but I know that if this was so hard for me to deal with I will be a total basket case if God calls my mate home before me or decides to take one of children or grandchildren. I pray that if that happens He gives me the strength to be as my niece has been a positive and strong person so that those around me can handle the pain they are also forced to deal with.

So why did I write this? I guess so that people out there know that they aren’t alone in experiencing the pain of loss and that there are different ways to handle that pain. I hope that all of us can look to a stronger source than ourselves, in my case it is my God, and come out better people for the pain we experience.

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