Without links, browsing the Internet would be pretty boring. The only way that you’d be able to find something would be to navigate directly to it. For many of us, we start out looking for one thing, but by the time we step away from the computer, we’ve been to almost every corner of the Web looking at stuff that we can’t even remember. When we click on a link, we expect to go to one specific destination, but LinkBunch enables you to include multiple links in one regular link.

With online communication becoming more streamlined than ever, a lot of people are now communicating using links instead of words, and it’s time for links to be able to do more than just go to a single Web site. LinkBunch is about as simple as it could possibly be. All you do is provide a list of links that you’d like to create a single link for and the service will then bunch them all together so that when someone click on the LinkBunch link, they’ll see a list of URLs that they can then visit. You know, sometimes big things come in small packages.