As of April 11th, the petition at InfoWorld to save Windows XP has garnered some 111,000 or so votes. With an estimated 400 million Windows users in the world, this small number of petition signers most likely will not change Microsoft’s plans to dump Windows XP as per their scheduled target date of June 30th, 2008. But will Windows XP die a quick death?

In some of the forums I belong to there has been some lively discussions concerning recycling of Windows XP. Again the issue of licensing comes up time and time again. There is always confusion as to what versions of Windows XP can be used again if completely removed from an existing computer. The common thinking is that if you bought an OEM machine, that license can not be transfered. Whereas a license purchased by a user directly may be transferred, depending on the circumstance.

There will also be the ability for users to continue to buy Windows XP even after the June 30th cut off date. Microsoft has indicated that systems builders will be able to continue to purchase Windows XP until January 31st, 2009, which makes me think that retail companies like NewEgg will still be selling XP until that date. Even Microsoft admitted that Vista for system builders that anyone could purchase the license. I would take it that the same is true for XP. If a new XP license was needed to downgrade a Vista system, most of us will still have the availability to purchase a new XP license.

I personally believe that Windows XP will continue as a viable operating system at least until Microsoft releases Windows 7 which is already in the developmental stage.

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