The kids at Kent Gardens Elementary School must be very aggressive. Their school yard game of tag has been banned:

“…Robyn Hooker, principal of Kent Gardens Elementary School, has told students they may no longer play tag during recess after determining that the game of chasing, dodging and yelling “You’re it!” had gotten out of hand. Hooker explained to parents in a letter this month that tag had become a game “of intense aggression.”

The principal said that her goal is to keep students safe and that she hopes to restore tag (as well as touch football, also now on hold) after teachers and administrators review recess policies.”

link: At McLean School, Playing Tag Turns Into Hot Potato

With hugging banned at some schools, did games that required touching have a chance? Play activity that involves running and touching may lead to lawsuits. The irony is that some schools also send home ‘obesity reports’ about the students who are overweight. One wonders why the kids are not more physically active…

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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