We all have our own routines that we follow whenever we get on the Internet. For many of us, this routine involves checking our e-mail, looking at any activity that has taken place on our social networking profiles, and logging in to any number of accounts that we have with online services to see what’s new. No matter what your routine may be like, it can take a lot of time to go through all of these motions. Instead of trying to keep up with all of your accounts individually, wouldn’t it be better if all of the pertinent information came to you through one service? Pageonce wants to be that one service.

Pageonce supports a good number of services of many different types (e-mail, banking, etc.), and if you can provide the account information, it can provide the details. Just think about how much time this could save you. All you have to do is enter one set of account information to see what’s going on with all of your online accounts. You may not be able to hire a personal assistant, but this is the next best thing.