In a protracted process, the city of Seattle moved a step closer to losing its professional basketball team. The NBA owners have given overwhelming approval to the move of the Seattle Sonics to Oklahoma City:

“After NBA owners voted 28-2 on Friday to approve the Sonics’ relocation to Oklahoma City, team chairman Clay Bennett said he’d done everything possible to make things work in Seattle and remains hopeful of a negotiated lease buyout.”

link: NBA votes 28-2 to relocate Sonics to OKC

Kudos to Mark Cuban and Paul Allen for their dissenting votes. – It seems that there is little regard for the loyalty and support that the Seattle community has offered this franchise. Commissioner David Stern has not acted in the best interest of the fan base.

Professional sports teams have moved before and will move again in the future. Fans like to think of their sports teams as part of the fabric of the community. A community supports its local teams with tax incentives and paid attendance. This is just a harsh reminder that sports is a business and the owners will go where there is the opportunity to generate the most revenue. At least two multi-millionaires took note that a sports team is more than maximizing the revenue. It is regrettable that the other team owners did not appreciate what this means to the Seattle community.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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