Well I definitely ended up with some strong, solid arguments both for sticking with AMD and switching over to Intel. And this article certainly gave me a ton to think about as well. So now that we have all been able to share our thoughts on CPUs, let’s move onto motherboards, one area where my opinion will likely remain unchanged.

Other components aside, I am a unshakable ASUS (ASUSTeK) fan. I have owned countless boards over the years and to date, have never had one single issue with anything bearing the ASUS logo. If ASUS was not an option, I suppose my second choice would be Gigabit. And third, be it a distant third, would be Micro-star (MSI).

Okay, so why are my selections setup as this? Simple, ASUS boards have never provided me anything other than idiot proof installations and performance. See, I am downright dangerous when installing my own motherboards. Delicate was never really something that came easily to me and ASUS boards have always been able to take the pounding I give them when installing a CPU (no shims, please), ramming in the RAM or slapping in a new video card, I simply prefer ASUS boards. I have found that they are well soldered, everything is attached tightly and the board’s appearance is of something well built.

Have a board manufacturer you believe to leave ASUS in the dust? Great, hit the comments and tell me about it!