As a wife and mother I cannot but note how much harder it is to make ends meet as the price of gasoline, home energy and food prices continue to soar out of control. My question is why would Congress allow so many of our farmers to move their focus from feeding the hungry to making ethanol? It is a proven fact that it takes more oil to make a gallon of ethanol than to run an automobile.

It is also to be noted that this change in focus that has fueled these out-of-control prices has also began causing food riots in poorer nations. With that in the back of your mind think about what you are now seeing in the news. People here in Missouri are stealing copper from our public telephone lines and new home constructions. They are rustling cows to feed their families and local food pantries have been stretched to their limit. Even federal programs like WIC are showing signs of limiting the commodities they offer and setting higher qualifying standards.

Along with the difficulties in making enough money to purchase food we now faced with a major slowdown in the economy that has led to massive layoffs so people are being forced to do whatever they can to survive. This has been shown in a number of ways one of which is the increase in the number of burglaries and armed robberies that are being reported.

Perhaps the most frightening of these to the majority of us is the home invasion variety. A friend of mine sent me a note to tell me about another friend who had been a victim of one of these. The experience was not only terrifying but brutal. Could this have been avoided? Perhaps not, perhaps yes if the person perpetatrating the crime had not felt desperate to survive.

To protect yourselves you can spend $1000 or so on a home alarm system and then dole out monthly payments to the alarm service or you can move to an area where you feel that this type of crime would be less likely. However, wouldn’t it make more sense for the government to take the situation under control and put a moratorium on the construction of vehicles that are considered gas-guzzlers and invest some of the billions of dollars that they are spending on this fruitless war in Iraq to create a new type of vehicle that could run on anything other than Arab oil? Brazil took the situation seriously back in the 70s and now are totally independent of foreign oil. What is wrong with the American people that we do not insist that our government secure our future by investing in our infrastructure and planning for a future free of the need for dependence on foreign governments?

My feelings are that as money tightens so are the dangers that we as a country will be facing but if the next president will take control there may still be hope for our country’s survival.

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