In a bizarre twist, Pay Pal has stated that they will no longer support the Firefox browser. Pay Pal states that in their opinion it is because Firefox is not secure enough and the company is exposing themselves to an alarming number of phishing attacks. In their statement they also say that older versions of IE like versions 3 and 4 also will not be supported. Pay Pal doesn’t care for Safari from Apple and has recommended that Safari not be used as well.
Pay Pal says:

“At PayPal, we are in the process of re-implementing controls, which will first warn our customers when logging in to PayPal from those browsers that we consider unsafe,” the eBay-owned payment service said. “Later, we plan on blocking customers from accessing the site from the most unsafe — usually the oldest — browsers.”

I can understand why Pay Pal is choosing this course, but one would think that Pay Pal would work with the browser developers to solve the problem. Of course there is always the option to use Google.

What do you think? Political ploy by a software company in Redmond? Or a real problem?

Comments welcome.

Complete details are here.

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