Since last August, 2007, Microsoft has been considering offering an ad based version of Microsoft Works. If you are not familiar with MS Works it is basically a shrunk down consumer version of the their popular Office Suite. Though limited in certain functions, MS describes their new version 9 as:

Microsoft Works 9 makes it easy for you to complete everyday household tasks. Take this brief tour to learn just how easy it is to get organized and keep track of schedules, budgets, tasks and more.

But Microsoft is slowly releasing a version of Works for free which is supported by advertising. The new versions of Works are being launched outside of the US with the first copies showing up in the UK. It also seems that Packard Bell is going to offer the new software on their systems as well.

Now the question is this? Would you use a software product if it contained advertising if the product was offered to you for free?

Comments welcome.

MS Works site is here.

Free Works article is here.

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