During my travels on the Internet I ran into an article that touted how wonderful XP Anti Virus Protection software was with a blurb stating the following:

XP Antivirus has only one mission in life: To eradicate every virus thrown its way. XP Antivirus has for a while now been regarded by professionals as the best antivirus software available. The downside has been a program not as user-friendly as its competitors. But lately XP has done major improvements in the user interface and today XP Antivirus is as easy to use as other programs, still offering the best protection available. You can still turn on advanced mode and fiddle with settings, but for most of us XP Antivirus works perfectly right out of the box.

But it also has another mission. To try and take over your system with junk. I downloaded XP Antivirus and BANG! AVG grabbed a critter right from the start. So I decided to take a look at what else is being said about this potential malware.

One article states:

XP Antivirus Protection is classic rogue anti-virus, or, less technically put, fake antivirus software. XP Antivirus Protection gives exaggerated system scans and pops up fake security alerts to try to scare you into buying XP Antivirus Protection. XP Antivirus Protection may have installed itself onto your computer through a trojan, like Zlob. XP Antivirus Protection can launch when you start up Windows, and XP Antivirus Protection popups can be difficult to close.

Bottom line. Stay away from this fake. As one notice stated, you could end up throwing your PC out the windows. 🙂

Comments welcome.

Article about XP antivirus be genuine is here.

Article being a rogue program is here.

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