In continuing my rant about dumb people calling me on the computer support line, this morning I experienced another situation I get regularly. Customers sometimes call and ask me a question, then I answer the question with 100% certainty. The customer then proceeds to disagree with my answer. OK? If you already know the answer, then why are you calling the support line?

Suddenly the customer becomes an ‘expert’ on your product. They start telling you how the product YOU support works. The product that YOU have been trained on. The product that is made by the company YOU work for. Funny how they would know more than YOU. In my case this morning the customer wanted to talk to somebody else. I’ve been with my company for years and welcomed him to call back in if he wished.

I understand that some customers really do know more at times. They actually use the software so they may know more about the actual functionality than I do. I am fine with accepting when a customer knows more than me. I like to think of when a customer calls as the start of teamwork. Me and them working to find the solution together, no matter who knows more. However, I get more people calling me that know nothing about computers, and do nothing but argue with me when I try to help them.

These are the same people that call every day for every little issue they encounter. They are the reason free tech support is becoming a thing of the past. The reason companies outsource so they don’t have to spend as much money supporting these people. The reason we all have to suffer with poor, underpaid, under-experienced support reps when the rest of us call with real problems.