Yesterday I played around with AVG 8, tweaking some settings and doing multiple scans on my personal system, which I have always prided myself in keeping as a, lean, mean, fighting machine. But my jaw dropped as AVG 8 started to report a flood of registry entries tied to CoolWebSearch. Here is what happened.

After installing AVG 8 I did a full scan. Though the system reported there were no infections on my machine, under what the system states are ‘warnings’, was a host of registry entries similar to:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\ActiveXCompatibility\{33653C70-F82F-3235-E5B9-5751B1F39585};”Found Adware.CoolWebSearch”;”Potentially dangerous object”

After the scan was completed I clicked on the heal all button and during the process AVG 8 indicated the files exceeded the amount the virus vault could hold. AVG 8 froze up. OK. I can fix that. I tweaked the vault to use unlimted space and increased the files from 1,000 o 10,000. Mess with me! No joy. Same results.

I finally saved the report in .cvc format I looked at all of the alleged rogue files and I noticed a pattern. Some of the entries were repeated, and repeated and repeated again. Eventually I found that 65 registry entries were repeated 11,992 times! So I fire up regedit, locate the offending entries and dump them. Do a new scan and surprise. All is well.

I’m just reporting this in case anyone else has this enjoyable experience.

Comments welcome.

Overall opinion about the new versions – I like it! I’ll do a complete review next week.

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