It is getting interesting. HP and Lenovo are joining Dell and will continue to offer Microsoft Windows XP as an option to Microsoft Windows Vista. But Microsoft has stated that all XP installs must cease on June 30, 2008. So what’s happening? Well the OEM’s seem to be using Microsoft’s own ‘downgrade rights’ to circumvent the no XP rule. [See my ‘downgrade rights’ article here.

To add to the problem, the NY Times and Wall Street Journal have some thoughts that Vista may not be doing as well as the Redmond folks might wish us to believe. Using some strange accounting magic ala Anderson Accounting, the numbers for Vista sales do not appear to add up. When taking the number of copies that Microsoft says have sold, multiplied by the number of OEM and retail sales, Microsoft should have more money than Fort Knox.

Microsoft counters that because of their pricing for 3rd world countries, Vista sales are good, but profits are lower. Whatever. 🙂

Which brings us back to the policies of HP, Lenovo and Dell. If Vista was so hot, wouldn’t these companies just make the switch to ALL Vista systems on the 30th of June as dictated by Microsoft? If these OEM’s sell a computer and make a profit, why should they care which OS is on the computer?

It should be interesting to see what Acer decides to do. Acer has been an outspoken Vista hater and has not made any brownie points with Gates and company. Now that Acer controls Gateway and eMachines, and is 4th in sales, they may have no choice but to go with the flow.

Thoughts anyone?

Comments welcome.

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