Each NBA playoff series has some odd things occur. That seems to be the nature of playoff basketball and it creates enormous fan attention, during post season play. The Dallas Mavericks / New Orleans series has some oddities that are just difficult to explain. Here are three of them:

  • With his team trailing by two games and a prior to Game Three, Josh Howard discusses his personal use of a banned substance. He discusses his off-season use of marijuana. It is such an ill timed and inappropriate topic to raise in the middle of the first round of post season play. The admission by Josh Howard brings national and international attention to his remarks. It is safe to say that this is not the kind of publicity that Commissioner David Stern wants for his professional basketball league. Why a seasoned player like Josh Howard would raise this issue defies explanation.
  • Chris Paul is an exceptional basketball talent. Few would argue with his skills and many consider him to be the Most Valuable Player for this season. And granted an elite player like Chris Paul sometimes has an “off” night where shots don’t fall and plays are ill timed. However, it defies explanation why Chris Paul cannot win a basketball game in Dallas. As a professional NBA player, Chris Paul has never won in Dallas. Perhaps he will defy the odds and win a game in Dallas during this series.
  • By extension, it is just not only Chris Paul who has had problems in Dallas. The Hornets, as a team, have been remarkably unsuccessful in Dallas. The New Orleans Hornets have not won a game in Dallas in this century. If you care to look up the statistic, Google shows that the last New Orleans victory in Dallas was January 1998. Incredible. Why can’t the New Orleans Hornets win in Dallas? It has been over ten years now. It is just so odd.

The series now stands at two games to one in favor of New Orleans. The next game is Sunday, April 27th. The game is in Dallas. It’s a ‘must see game’, if only to witness the continuation or the end of an odd streak.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations
FlyingHamster: http://flyinghamster.com/

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