If you are like me and use AVG freebie edition, than there is a new version in town, and it’s good. Real good. I asked my buddy Denny to try it as well and this is what he emailed me back:

AVG-8 I LIKE IT and there are Lots of Improvements and Still doesn’t Use Very Much System Resources to Run

I have it on my XP-BOX and my VISTA BOX. Did most of my Testing on the Vista

It only took about 4 min. to download VIA DSL 45megs then Uninstalled OLD AVG ANTI-VIRUS AND ANTI-SPYWARE

Installed AVG-8 and everything was Automatic up and running Then did some Lookin Under The Hood — TOOLS then ADVANCED-SETTINGS

Here you can MODIFY the way AVG-8 works for You.

This New AVG works more in the Back Ground Than 7.5 did and I like the New BALLOON TRY NOTIFICATION Fetcher

1st Scan Vista Ultimate Full Scan 837,000 files 2hr. 15min. it found 137 warnings All Tracking-Cookies I put them in Virus Vault ..

From Here you can Delete them . , What Was Surprising is that None of my other Tools Worked Finding These Critters !

I did another Scan Saturday on the Vista and CLEAN AS A WHISTLE ..

I also had my E-Mail running and 3 IE-7 Windows open While it was running the scan and AVG-8 was Only Using 15,000k

My experience is similar to what Denny found. The new interface for AVG 8 is slick and sleek and a vast improvement over AVG 7.5. But their is more to this new software than just a pretty face. AVG 8 now contains anti-spyware software plus search protection that tells you in real time if a site is safe or not. Of course you still get a great anti-virus program as well.

There are plenty of tweaks available as well. So us tweak nuts can get this puppy humming the way we want. The only problem I had with the software is one I noted in a previous article here. Once that minor issue was resolved, all was well.

Outside of slow scanning, it takes a good 2 hours, everything else is great. I highly recommend that you give AVG 8 a try. I believe you will find it an asset to the protection of your system and resource friendly. 🙂

Comments welcome.

AVG 8 Free Edition can be downloaded from here.

Note: The notice in AVG 7.5 seeking users to upgrade to version 8 is not for the free version.