An opportunity came today for me to test out this mobile application from Google. As far as the triangulation (I believe that is how it works), the application found my location with zero issues. However any joy was short lived as I went to enter my destination address. To be clear, this is the example that Google gives you – I about lost it as this is the single most confusing thing I have ever seen.

Enter an address (e.g. 90210, dallas, 10 main st boston ma)

Yes, apparently Dallas has some mystical relation to Boston?? So when I was trying to enter my information, I was LOST after entering my destination ZIP. What the heck am I supposed to put in, Dallas? Logically, one might surmise that an address might be in order. I entered it exactly as shown minus this “dallas” as Google had instructed me. And as I suspected, it did not work for multiple addresses.

Maybe I am missing something painfully obviously, but I tend to doubt it. Considering the tool already has my departing area, the example of Dallas would not likely be representative of that. Seriously, help me out here, because Google is not making a lick of sense on this one.