During the past month we have all read about the major shift in policy in the Cuban government that is slowly allowing its people more access to technology. The Cuban government is even allowing folks to buy computers as reported by the Associated Press.

HAVANA (AP) — Cubans are getting wired. Computers went on sale to the general public on the communist island on Friday and potential consumers were lining up outside store windows to gawk and consider buying.

President Raul Castro’s government had authorized the sale of personal computers to average Cubans more than a month ago, but they were not made available until Friday.

Computer sales are the latest of a series of measures Castro has taken to make life easier for ordinary Cubans.

But is this going to spell the end of Communism for the Cuban people? Or just a loosening of policy to allow the people more freedom, while still being held by an iron fist?

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AP article is here.