There are many benefits to using Visio to create and maintain organization charts. One such benefit is the ability to compare two charts and generate a report of changes. For example, if you have two versions of the same Visio organization chart and you need to know what is different between them, you can use Visio to generate a report of the differences. Instead of flipping between charts to find differences, you can review the report.

To compare different versions of organization charts in Visio 2003:

  1. Open the newer version of the organization chart.
  2. From the Organization Chart menu, click Compare Organization Data.
  3. In the Drawing to compare it with box, select the name of the older version, or click Browse to locate it.
  4. Under Compare type, click My drawing is newer.
  5. Under Report type, choose whether you want a report that shows the changes made to the drawing, or one that shows positions that were added and/or deleted.

The results of the compare will be a report listing the differences between the two charts.