Considering how many Outlook users are out there, I do not think that there is really any question that there are more add-ons for this specific PIM (personal information manager) than most. Yet at the same time, I have to ask – do we really need to add on more “stuff” to something so critical? The reason I ask is that speaking for myself, my PIM is my lifeline. I used to use Outlook and then onto Evolution. Both were pretty good PIMs, both had bugs from release to release however. So adding more stuff to the application simply does not do anything for me.

In response, I myself have been looking into making better use of Google’s offerings and I have to say, it’s just not there yet. While it is great for collecting everything into one box, even to the extent of providing labels. Seeing Google calendar lacking tasks and Gmail lacking read receipts is just something that is not working for me personally.

What say you? Can you seriously opt for Google apps in lieu of your existing PIM? I’d suggest trying it for a week – those of us living in an Exchange world tend to find it more difficult that initially expected.