Since I do all of my work on computers and work from my home office, you’d probably assume that I don’t get very much exercise, and you’d be correct. I’m still staying fairly slim, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t need exercise. I’ve never been very big into exercising, and that makes it hard for me to think about establishing a regular routine. No matter what my excuses may be, they’re not good enough, and I need to get in shape. If you also need some motivation, then you may be interested in checking out introPLAY.

Instead of just working out and instantly forgetting what you did, introPLAY enables you to track your workouts. This can allow you to set goals for yourself and help you to see how you’ve done over a period of time. By connecting with other members in an introLEAGUE, you can even get competitive, and this could encourage you to keep up with your exercise habits. You’re not alone in your quest to become more active, and introPLAY proves that.