Cadco Systems Inc is proud to announce that they are now a reseller and partner with Data Robotics Inc, the manufacturer of the highly popular Drobo external storage solution.  The Drobo is the world’s first storage robot that is a fully automated data storage that ensures our data is always protected.  Your disk capacity is unlimited and requires no special knowledge or expertise.  


Drobo is an easy-to-use desktop storage array that plugs into your Mac, PC or Linux system via hi-speed USB 2.0. Drobo enables users to reliably store up to 16TB of data, using any combination of 3.5” SATA I or II drives – within four drive bays. Drobo provides the data redundancy features normally associated with RAID such as mirroring and data striping, without the complexities of RAID. Drobo, will create one large pool of protected expandable storage, enabling you to avoid managing multiple external drives.

Drobo guards everything on it
Even when a drive fails or data becomes corrupted, you’re protected. There are many advanced data redundancy and integrity checks built into Drobo.

Drobo makes storage a breeze
If you can read a traffic light, you’re a certified Drobo expert. Drobo uses simple LED lights to inform you about free capacity and drive status.

Drobo offers unlimited capacity upgrades
Use ANY drive you want, regardless of SIZE. Need to add capacity? Pop in a new hard drive or pop out an existing one and replace it with a bigger one. Drobo has an insatiable appetite for adding storage capacity. It can even extend to 16TB as hard disk sizes increase.

Drobo does not require drivers or software
Use Drobo right out of the box – with zero configuration. You’ll never have to worry about using a management console either. Drobo has the familiar benefits of RAID, without the complexity.

DroboShare it on your network
Connect your Drobo to a DroboShare and share your data over Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). With DroboShare, everybody on your network can benefit from the storage capabilities of Drobo.

Drobo is Windows, OS X, & Linux Friendly
We don’t care if you’re a Mac, PC, or Linux*. We’re proud to support NTFS, HFS+, EXT3, and FAT32 file systems. If you connect your Drobo to a DroboShare, you can share with all three operating systems or other devices like media centers, regardless of the file system you’ve chosen for Drobo. *Linux support now in beta.