Looks like it will be Sprint and Clearwire filling in the gaps for those looking to WiMax where other broadband has fallen short. Well, that was my initial impression anyway. Where I see a problem is that even today, Clearwire brings little more than the technology itself to the table. Their coverage map remains weak and while recent capital infusions may help, I fail to see where Sprint is going to provide much help. Clearwire on the other hand, will make out fairly well as they will be able to resell Sprint’s 3G offerings, to their existing customers.

With all of this said, seeing Intel, Comcast among others jumping into the mix this time, indicates that we could begin to see a more serious hardware dedication than having to rely on oversized modems that must be tagged along a desktop or notebook, even when being used remotely.

Is WiMax even worth pursuing? Not in its current usage in my opinion. I see no real adventurous chances being taken or risks being calculated. In the end, WiMax is simply being used as a money magnet rather than a tool to cover areas that truly need wireless broadband access. Don’t get me wrong, there are some exceptions in select rural experimental areas, but overall, it’s business as usual.