I always enjoy visiting new places, and it’s fun to tell others about the adventures that took place on various trips. In most cases, travelers wait until they get home or get connected to the Internet at a hotel or other establishment on the road to share the stories, tips, and media that they have accumulated from their travels, but by the time this information gets out there, the moments have already passed, and the information is quickly becoming dated. Thanks to Flagr, you can share this data online at a later time or right away with text messaging on your mobile phone.

The immediacy and up-to-date nature of the service make it a special tool to look into. When you find a cool place, flag it on the map, write a description, upload photos, and embed any video that you may have recorded while you were there. You can also create custom maps and then place them on your Web site in order to share them with others. One map has even built a community out of documenting decent public restrooms. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Ultimately, you’ll be able to use Flagr to find and document new places and keep up with your friends.