I spotted this over at the Dell IdeaStorm site and found it interesting and thought I would share this with you. Seems that a new Dell Vostro laptop owner is complaining that the heat from his laptop is frying his hand. The user is a lefty and the heat vents from the laptop are on the left hand side. The poster of the comments also has a suggestion that Dell make a deflector to divert the heat away from a lefty’s hand.

In the comments it states:

I recently purchase a Dell Vostro 1500. Its a great computer, but as a left handed mouse user, the heat vent on the left side of the laptop is excruciatingly painful. In addition, 3 months after I purchased this laptop, my LCD panel developed a yellow vertical line down the screen. I believe this was caused by my hand blocking the air circulation of the vent. (~just a guess, but I read on the Dell forums that heat is one of the reasons this occurs).

I was offered the option to return this computer, but other than this problem I am very satisfied with it and would prefer to keep it (with a repaired LCD panel) if Dell can offer a solution.

I suggest that Dell build a simple and cheap heat deflector for lefties and send it to any user that complains about this problem. If not, they should at the very least place a warning on the Vostro online store site and warn left handed users about this problem.

Maybe one of you Vostro owners can confirm this as a problem. Another question? How much heat is this laptop putting out? 🙂

Comments welcome.

Dell IdeaStorm forum article is here.

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