All of us are inquisitive by nature, and this inborn trait compels us to ask questions and learn about things that we’re interested in. While surfing the Internet, I’m sure that you’ve discovered people through blogs and Web sites that you’d like to be able to ask questions, but unfortunately, your form of contact may never actually get through to the subject of your interrogation. What to do, what to do? While you may not be able to successfully reach certain people on your own, anyone who’s interested in asking and answering questions can join Qwizzy.

This community is built around questions and providing answers to them by directly connecting you with the people that you want to hear from. Many times, the questions that you want to ask or answer are related to things that a lot of people wonder about, and this publicly available Q&A session can inform a lot of people all at one time. Not only does your input appear on Qwizzy, but it can also spread to other parts of the Internet through widgets and so on. Just like with blogging, you can begin to build up an audience of fans that are interested in what you have to say.