Now that Dell is dumping their XPS line of computers, it is time for Alienware [owned by Dell] to step up to the plate. The people at Alienware seem raring to go and have plans for a low-end gaming system based on the AMD-ATI combo. But this system is going to offer another surprise. Price.

Take a look at these specifications:

 The $1,699 system–cheap by game PC standards–will come with 4GB (DDR2 800MHz) memory, a quad-core 9550 (2.2GHz) Phenom X4 processor, and a 3870 X2 board with two ATI HD 3870 graphics chips, said Marc Diana, Alienware product marketing manager for desktops. The system will ship within 48 hours, he said.

To add to the system is also a high end motherboard from Asus As noted above, $1,699 is a fairly reasonable price. It should be interesting to see how the reviews are for this system and also how well the system sells. The public is aware of the Alienware brand and I doubt Dell will need to do much sales pitching to get the Alienware products up and going.

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Full article is here.

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