Perhaps the timing is just odd, but why did it take all of this time for BlackBerry to finally come up with a touchscreen phone? And an even bigger question – will existing BlackBerry users actually care? I have to be honest, I am just not buying into the idea that most BB users are going to get too excited at the prospect of loosing their tactile goodness they have come to know and love, only to assume that they have the level of touchscreen dependability that is seen with the current iPhone.

What is great however, is seeing that we can rely on Verizon to be the exclusive carrier. /sarcasm. Yes, this is just as valuable to the end user as the iPhone being exclusive to AT&T customers. I mean, nothing makes me want to rush out and buy a product like when I know that I will be locked in for good.

Am I nuts? Will this new BB be of such tremendous value that it will translate in to people dropping their existing RIM devices? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.