I received this from a reader known as ros today, and it jogged my memory about getting the AVG 8 free user manual:

hey i just upgraded from avg7.5 to 8.0 (free edition), all seems to be well but there is one issue that is irratating me.

I dont like the automatic updates (cause first thing on boot up it accesses the net bla bla bla… sometimes i have something urgent to do, i hate AVG holding me up)

Anyway with AVG 7.5 i had it disabled, no problem. Now with 8 i have done the same except the system tray icon shows the “you may not be protected” icon (grey AVG symbol with red exclamation)opposed to the running normal AVG icon.

the only “error” is the personal choice of wanting to manually update, is there a way of getting AVG 8 to understand i want to manually update and not display the warning icon? cant see anything in the advanced options either.

I sent ros the following reply:

Hello ros,
Try this:
Go to Tools – Advanced Settings – Schedules – Scheduled Scans and uncheck the startup option.

Also you may wish to get the AVG 8 user manual:


Hope this helps.

Which made me wonder. With so many people having issues with AVG 8, how many of these problems would be solved if all users got a copy of the user manual. Version 8 provides more protections than version 7.5, and therefore is more complicated. Taking a peek at the user manual may help.

Comments welcome.

PS This manual is in .pdf format and is 2.7MB in size.

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