Perhaps it is progress. Perhaps it is another step towards automation and eliminating the interaction between human beings. There are vending machine now that will fill your drug prescription:

“Self-service technology — having helped itself to a piece of the business in gas stations, banks, grocery stores, movie rental and hardware chains — is coming into the pharmacy.

…The 800-pound device, which is bolted to the floor and tied into alarm systems, sits with one side accessible to employees behind the counter and one available to the consumers on the other side.”

link: Automatic medicine: Vending machines for prescriptions sell convenience

The rationale is that the mechanized prescription service will free up staff time. However, will there be sufficient staff if a business can see that it can save money by eliminating pharmaceutical positions? It just seems a bit sad that faster and mechanized replaces knowing your pharmacist by name – and having that person be part of the health process.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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