I have been watching the Silverlight project for sometime now and I must say, it can indeed do more than Flash. It is also proving to be quite the portable solution as well I might add. But I am not typing this on a Windows box, I am using Ubuntu with Firefox 2.x (no beta 3 browsers for me).

So you might think that is means that I am never going to be able to use the wonders Silverlight when in fact, thanks to the Novell Sponsored Moonlight project, as of today, I can begin to. As it states here, this release of Moonlight is still what I consider to be alpha release as it does not yet support the Firefox 3 beta or anything to do with multimedia.

Great, so how do you test this then if there is no multimedia support? If you are on Linux and have been wise enough not to bother with the Firefox 3 beta (yuck, very beta), then you will be able to see Silverlight working nicely on your Linux box using two of the links below.

For my choice of test sites, I went to WeatherBug’s own Silverlight project, which was actually a Microsoft featured project on the Silverlight website. If you are running Silverlight, click on anything, the entire emulation of this Nokia application is fully interactive. I like it when the snow starts to fall myself. Another WB Silverlight project that is designed for their website can be found here.

Most of the Silverlight stuff I found on Google was for use on a Windows box as a Windows program. So if you want to try Moonlight out with some interesting ready to go Silverlight examples, I would suggest the links above. WeatherBug was on board very early with Silverlight, you can learn more about it here if you would like.

If you would like to further test out Moonlight, try out Microsoft’s Silverlight portal. There are a number of apps that may very well be compatible with Moonlight out of the box.