During the past week or so, it has become apparent that there is a rebooting problem for some users who have chosen to install SP3 for Windows XP. The problem appears to occur on some HP machines which Microsoft claims used an image install of Windows XP for both AMD and Intel systems. HP has basically remained mum on the issue and has let Microsoft  deal with the situation.

But this does not help those who are experiencing the problem. Though some have taken it upon themselves to try and correct the problem like Jespers Blog here,  the bottom line is this. Never mind who is to blame, get a fix for the problem. It doesn’t matter whether the fix comes from Microsoft, HP or whomever, just fix it.

About six months ago I did an article in which I stated that before installing any service pack, whether it be SP1 for Vista or SP3 for XP, I usually wait several months before taking the plunge. I have been burnt to many times in trying to be the first  to install a fix, patch, service pack, updated driver, you name it. But what was surprising is that some criticized my stance in waiting and letting others take the plunge.

Unless you have a test system as I do, in which I dual boot both Windows Vista w/ SP1 and Windows XP Pro with SP3, both of which installed without a problem, [the test box is a AMD powered system with no reboots], taking a chance that your system may not work for me is not an option. I use my personal system some 4 hours or more a day. I use email to stay in contact with family, friends and clients, to post blog articles here at LG, to write articles for a local rag and basically this is how I supplement my income.

I don’t have time to have my system inoperable because of an issue that should of been previously addressed. I find it extremely hard to believe that during all of the beta testing that no one on the entire planet did an install of SP3 using an HP machine. Doesn’t anyone recall when SP2 for Windows XP was released that it laid waste to thousands of Dell computer systems? Does any of this sound familiar?

Another question to ponder.  What does either SP1 for Vista or SP3 for XP do that makes it a life or death situation to be the first to install either one? Does anyone really believe that either service pack was going to really improve either operating system, to the point that we would be dancing in the streets with joy? 🙂

Comments welcome.

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