(Title SlipHad Rock Band in my mind but for whatever reason ended up transposing it with GarageBand)

Just finished up about an hour long bout of Rock Band on the Xbox360 with two of my four nieces. Right off the bat, I must admit, I learned a few important things:

  • Just because you think you know some of the older songs better, does not mean you will be able to use a color keyed guitar to play the two monsters of rock, still hammering out tunes up stairs.
  • Age is everything. At 34, competing against 16 and 18, the elder of the three will lose and lose badly.
  • I need to get Rock Band myself so I can begin practicing for a rematch. I played my heart out but the sad truth became readily apparent – I have very little rhythm and even less hand to brain coordination.

I’ll tell ya, park me in front of an old school game and I would blow the doors off of most people. Millipede anyone? But playing Rock Band has reminded me that I am not as wily with the music as I thought. Time to start practicing I think.